How Much Does it Cost to Get Gas Installed to an Existing House or Business?

Now that it’s getting into the colder months of the year, you might be considering adding that extra warmth to your home. With power prices rising, it is a no-brainer that connecting gas is a more efficient solution for your home. Not only does gas produce the lowest carbon emissions of any fossil fuel making it more environmentally friendly, but it also is super reliable, and rates highly in safety. It is considered one of the largest sources of energy in Australia with more than 70% of Australian households reliant on it.

Natural gas supplied to the home is around half the cost of electricity making your never ending bills somewhat less damageable. A main factor of the total cost of energy bills relates to the cost of energy delivered to the home. With the energy demand for providing warmth especially in winter being one of highest ultimatums, it makes sense that more Australians choose gas over electricity. 

Energy Networks Australia 2017 Stats

So how much does gas installation cost?

Now that we know why more Australians choose natural gas, how much does it actually cost in terms of installation in pre-existing homes (or businesses)? Gas installation prices can range anywhere from $1,200 to $5,000 depending on a number of variables. 

The number of outlets you require

The more outlets, the more the price will likely cost. However, if your house or business had previous gas appliances in the past, and the gas line replacement is up to regulation and in good enough shape to use, then the gas line replacement might cost less.

What and how much pipework is involved

The material of the pipework heavily influences the gas line installation cost. As every home varies, the amount and the selection of pipe material is dependent on your house as well as job specifications and pipe regulations in your area. 

How accessible it is to install

Depending on where you want gas installed and how easy it is to get to that area can greatly affect how much the installation process costs. If the gas needed to be installed under your floorboards, sidewalk or driveway this might cost more than other natural gas installations.

The type of walls you have 

Whether your home is single story, double-story, is older style or modern and is built with brick (single or double layered) or plastered are all contributing factors to the total price. 

Despite these considerations, natural gas is still the way of the future with the total demand growing due to additional connections. Another advantage is that for homeowners in 2022, Australian Gas Networks is offering generous rebate offers. Using the rebates loan calculator, you can claim major rebates or cashbacks just by entering your postcode, the type of property you have and a few other questions regarding what gas installation process you wish to choose. 

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